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About Me

I am a certified life coach and a sexuality educator and sex space designer living in Washington DC. For the past three decades I have been That Friend. The one you went to when you were nervous about your first kiss, or your first sexual experience. The one you go to when you aren’t sure which sex toy to buy, or which condoms are best. The one you talk to about the STI that is terrifying you, or the partner that might not be the right fit. The first one you told when you got turned on at the dentist. 


In all facets of my life, I have a passion for creating judgement free space for people to learn and grow. We are all starting from places of different experience and I am excited to learn about yours. My hope in all of my work is to help people give themselves permission. Permission for what? That part is up to each client. What is universal though is that through understanding ourselves and our desires we can move into our most rounded and grounded selves.

I share my life with my partner and our two pups. I identify as queer, curvy, pervy, polyamorous, and femme. My people are of Mexican & mixed European ancestry. I studied interior and theatrical design in both undergraduate and graduate school. I love gardening, making delicious food and sharing great cocktails. All of those parts of me come together in my passion for creating spaces of beauty and comfort in my home, garden, and business.

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