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Are you stuck in a rut? Eager to explore but don't know how to start? Curious to learn more about your turn-ons? Want to be a better partner? Take things to the next level? Let's talk. 

Our sessions will include a mix of traditional coaching methods, sex education and Enneagram* analysis. And, always, a healthy dose of real talk . This process aims to help you identify your goals and work towards meeting them. This work is always client centered so, while there is a recipe, every session will be different based on what your specific goals are.  I also offer private shopping which can be a lovely experience within our coaching process to help you get more comfortable with some of the toys and tools you can have available to you. 

Drawing from nearly thirty years of conversations, trainings and lived experience it is my hope to help you give yourself permission. Permission to what? Only you know, so what are you waiting for? Give yourself permission... 

Areas of special interest: men's sexuality, queer sexuality, kink, consensual non-monogamy, power dynamic relationships

All session are held via zoom. Updates will be made when in person sessions are available in the DC area. 

*Enneagram is a system of self evaluation and revelation based on centuries of global tradition and wisdom that helps people understand patterns and habits in order to  work with or move past them. 

Private Shopping

New experiences can be intimidating and when our sexuality is involved the feelings of vulnerability can skyrocket. I would love to help you through the process of discovering or re-discovering the exciting experience of buying yourself a sex toy. Whether it is your first time going into an adult toy shop or you are trying again after having gone to one of "those" toy stores, I'm here to guide you through the threshold and into your pleasure. 

I have relationships with shops in the DC - Baltimore region and will meet you either outside the shop or at a coffee shop nearby. From there we can spend time exploring the shop and talking about everything from hygiene and anatomy to g-spots and booty play. 

I also offer private shopping as a part of my coaching practice, which can be a lovely experience to help you get more acclimated with some of the toys and tools we have talked about in our sessions. 

Private shopping sessions are available for adults 18+ only. 



Almost nothing is as satisfying to me as watching a group of workshop attendees open their horizons to new concepts (*almost nothing*)! 

I have experience teaching to groups in smaller private gatherings, retail settings, kink events and large conferences throughout North America. I work to keep my style fresh and my info current by attending national conferences and conventions as well as maintaining strong personal connections throughout the sex ed industry. 

My current offerings include 

  • Polyanarchy  

  • WTF is Compersion?

  • Intro to Kink

  • Intro to Lifestyle Kink

  • Sex Shop 101 - How to Buy the Right Toys 

I can also develop classes for specific audiences or events 

General Inquiries and Questions

Talk to you soon! 

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